Hello, and welcome to Chart Your Course Coaching! I am Jimmy Johnson, Certified Professional Coach, a former collegiate soccer player, competitor in Olympic Weightlifting, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Nationally Recognized Sales Professional/Trainer and all-around lover of athletic/personal performance.Athletics and personal development played integral roles in my youth and continue to drive me today. Participating in a variety of sports (soccer, baseball, wrestling, and Olympic style weight lifting) not only fostered my interest in the connections between our physical, emotional and psychological development, but also drove me to pursue degrees in Physical Education and Sports Performance.

Along with my personal experiences as an athlete, I have also coached both youth and club soccer teams ranging in age from nine to fourteen. Having been on “both sides of the ball” I have experienced and understand the potential for fear, uncertainty, and a lack of confidence to undermine an individual’s performance. Helping my clients break through that resistance to confidently and consistently perform at their personal best is what drives me as a coach.

Due to my experience as an athlete, and the invaluable lessons it taught me about personal discipline, sacrifice, commitment and work ethic, I was able to make a successful transition from sports to “the real world” when my playing career was over. In addition, the lessons learned regarding how to develop and foster a team culture directly translated into my business life, and they can do the same thing for you.

As you can see, I am passionate about coaching and helping individuals/teams confidently and consistently perform at their personal best. Whether you are playing now, transitioning to the collegiate/professional level, or moving on from sports, I look forward to an opportunity to partner with you in reaching your full potential on the field, in business and in life!

Your COR.E Performance Dynamics Specialist™