The Major Problem Confronting All Athletes

Whether playing for fun or as a highly-competitive, top-tier athlete, athletes want to use all of the capacity that they have built due to training for countless hours and spending sums of money on honing their skills. They want to have access to their very best when it counts the most. One of the main challenges is consistency: consistency of performance, consistency of results, consistency of focus, consistency of confidence, and even consistency of fun.

Whatever the game, there is a natural ebb and flow, and unfortunately when the game ebbs – so does our enjoyment, confidence, focus, and the belief that we can get back on track. When our game goes south or the pressure of crunch time builds, we quickly grasp at what we think has worked before, yet something keeps us from finding that zone or flow again.

There is in fact a solution – one that’s relatively simple to understand, but not quite so easy to master.

There are a set of COR.E Disciplines and Performance Influencers that create peak performance. You can think of these disciplines and influencers as the energy of performance. When optimized, these elements significantly raise our ability to perform. Additionally, they provide us a means of getting back into that state of high performance.

As any great athlete knows, high performance is not simply about talent or mechanics.

High performance is a “state” that brings everything together –

it’s where the inner and outer games harmonize and your potential is realized.

When athletes describe a state of flow, of effortless performance, they often cite a connection to everything around them. In his famed book, Flow in Sports, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi describes flow as “a harmonious experience where the mind and body are working together effortlessly.”

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