What Clients Are Saying

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    Nicole Hester

    Business became more profitable with proper coaching.

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    Semper Fidelis

    To anyone who desires to maximize their talents,

    In my former life as a Marine Cobra pilot, I learned that preparation was key to success, and success meant winning. Losing meant failing a flight, crashing, or getting shot down. This zero sum mentality is sub-optimal for the business world. Jimmy helped me realize that it didn’t align with my desire to build my business using the “Golden Rule”. I experienced anxiety when calling clients, particularly if I didn’t know them well. Jimmy taught me that opportunity isn’t about winning or losing but rather about learning and improving. He showed me that each opportunity was a new chance to put someone first and find out the best way to be of service.

    The reluctance to call has vanished. My business has grown much faster than expected, and more importantly I am able to provide a better service. I highly recommend Jimmy and his coaching techniques for anyone who wants to learn to maximize their performance, tune out interference, and develop a mastery mindset.

    April 10th, 2017

    Edward Jones Ben Reep Financial Advisor
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    COR.E Performance Dynamics

    COR.E Performance Dynamics is an awesome program offering anyone the capability to significantly improve their performance! This program allowed me to develop a plan to attain a flow, or get in the zone, whenever and wherever I choose. Almost like a light switch, I can channel positive energy into my performance. The greatest aspect of the program is that I am using the same tools to improve my everyday life and the lives of those around me.

    Todd Bourgeois, Finalist American Ninja Warrior 2014 & 2016, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Assistant Professor University of St. Augustine Health Sciences
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    Coaching Testimonial

    I have always been a high performer: in athletics, school, work, and other endeavors. But I always felt there was something holding me back from the highest level of performance.

    I began working with Jimmy Johnson in July 2016. He has helped me identify and excise this “something” by providing a framework to understand my emotional and energetic response to externalities. In short, Jimmy has taught me to stop judging external events as good and bad, but instead to look for learning and growth opportunities within these events.

    In the past week alone I’ve been presented with several unexpected bombshells, both personally and professionally. My response surprised even myself: rather than reverting to my old mode of panicking or stressing out, my response was an attitude of calm, slight amusement, but above all a resolve to take decisive action with an eye to the big picture. I felt freedom, not entrapment – this is a direct result of the work I have done with Jimmy.

    I would highly recommend Jimmy to any high performer looking to take tangible steps toward the highest performance.

    Steve Sivyer Bank Manager
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    Coaching Testimonial

    For many years I’ve struggled with finding myself taking one step forward and two steps back. Finally frustrated that I didn’t seem to be getting anywhere as fast as I wanted, I sought an outside perspective to help me find success. After working with Jimmy for a few weeks, I learned that many of my roadblocks weren’t what I thought they were, and after identifying those things that were the real culprits, I was able to make meaningful changes and consequently strides to reaching my goals. Today, just a few weeks after completing my initial coaching, I’m still making gains on my goals and feeling empowered by my consistent success. I would highly recommend Jimmy Johnson for his professionalism, his listening and insight ability and his knack for being that positive voice in your head leading you out of your own chaos into accomplishment. I’ve joked with him, but I believe it to be true, I think he channels Tony Robbins!

    S. H. Insurance & Financial Services